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The Bossfluencer

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    Create the social media presence you’ve been dreaming of with this social media branding package. Start off with the basics to set your social tone and get comfortable with the ins and outs of social business. 

    The Process:

    • After your purchase, you will receive a design form to fill out and email back. This design form will outline what you want your color scheme to be, how you want it used, and your other brand visions. Once this form is received, your project will be scheduled to begin the following week.
    • To begin this project, we will start by designing your social media templates. This will set the tone for your social media branding. Your templates usually contain your website link, social media handles, and logo. Your logo must be provided to us in png format. You will receive your templates in jpg format once completed.
    • After your templates are completed, we can begin on your Instaflyer design. Instaflyers are used to promote your sales, a grand open or product launch, or a reusable flyer such as a “Orders shipped” flyer. You can choose whatever topic you’d like to be focused on for your flyer, just keep in mind that you don’t want too much text on the flyer.
    • The final element to create is your Instagram highlights. These highlights can either be icons or worded. Please specify which icons you want to be used if that is the style you elect to use. If you want a worded style, please provide the titles you want to be used as well as the fonts your brand is currently using.
    • A hashtag cheat sheet is a curated list of hashtags specific to your industry. These hashtags can be easily and quickly attached to any social media post you choose to add them to. You can also add your own personal hashtags to the list for more custom use and reach.


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