Hot Boss Summer

Hot Boss Summer

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This is your summer, sis! You've been talking about starting your business but didn't know where to start, well here's your start. This package is the perfect way to kick off your summer business plans! See what's included below.


  • 1 custom logo
  • 1 sub logo
  • 4-page website
  • 2 social media templates
  • 2 Instaflyers
  • 1 business card design
  • 1 thank you card design


  • After your purchase, you will receive a design form to download or in your email inbox.
  • After that design form is filled out, it should be returned to info@bossymarketing.com to begin your project
  • Once the design form is filled out, you will be contacted with information on the start date of your project and any other design information or files needed. 

*Products WILL NOT be added to the website design. Once the website is completed, ownership will be transferred to you for your own personal setup. A step by step guide will be emailed to you with instructions on how to add products and collections to your website.