DWYD Small Doings
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DWYD Small Doings


    Do you want one less thing to stress about while starting your new business? Well, remove stressing about your branding and website design! When you purchase any D.W.Y.D Bundle you are relinquishing the worry about how your branding will come together, but you're also relinquishing major input too! Once you purchase this bundle you will only need to tell me your business name and color scheme, and I'll handle the rest. You will receive a fully completed brand design within the turnaround time parameters. Do you think you can handle the suspense of this?

    Read Before Purchase: 

    After your purchase, you will receive a short design form that will only ask your business name, color scheme, and where to send your content. After that is received you will get a confirmation email and I will start designing. 


    After your purchase, I will begin your project once I receive your design form. During my designing time, I will not need any input so there will be no communication until your bundle is complete. Although we will not be in communication about the design, you are free to ask where we are in the design process. 

    Turn Around Times:

    Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for the bundle to be completed and transfer ready. Bossy Marketing’s business hours are Monday-Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm eastern. During high volume times, turnaround days can be extended, you will be contacted if you order during a high-volume time.


    You are issued 1 FREE edit during each portion of your bundle. 

     Refund Policy:

    Bossy Marketing DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS once work has started on a project or you have received your project files. If you feel as though you need to file a dispute with Shopify, QuadPay, PayPal, or your bank, we will stop all work on your project, and you will not receive any work completed by Bossy Marketing. If there is a clerical or design error (spelling, wrong file, etc.) on our behalf, please allow us to fix it before disputing charges or attempting to receive a refund.


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