Pre-made Designing Course

Pre-made Designing Course

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Course Description:

The Pre-made Design course is designed for the on the go boss looking to start selling pre-made content on Corjl. You will have to know how to design on an Adobe prior to taking this course. Although you can design directly to Corjl, knowing design aspects will help you in this course. During this class, we will cover topics such as, but not limited to:

  • How to add pre-designed work into Corjl
  • How to design using Corjl
  • Adding fonts to Corjl
  • Making changes in Corjl
  • Adding and connecting products to Shopify stores

Bossy Courses:

All courses will be taught over Zoom. Before your class is scheduled, you will receive a link to your Zoom class. Each class with be an hour, and we will cover a new topic each week that you will be able to implement into your business. 

You will also receive "Boss Work" to complete before our next session. This will be our version of homework, but it will be pertaining to your business and the new techniques you'll be adding to your brand.

If you are on a PayPal payment plan for your course(s) you will need to make a payment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. If payment can not be made, please contact me 48 hours before your session so we can reschedule for another date.