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Bundle Revamp

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    Every business goes through a "blah" phase where you need to see some newness. This is the bundle to get you out of that phase!

    Qualifying for a Bundle Revamp:

    To qualify for a full brand revamp, you must have the following already in current use:

    • Logo
    • Website
    • Instagram branding elements (at least 1)

    You will be selecting 3 things to change about your current logo, except the name itself. You must send your current logo design with your design form pointing out the edits wanted.

    Your website's homepage layout will be revamped and will be accompanied by new custom banners as well. You will also have the choice of 3 apps integrated and your social media accounts connected. If you want a new theme coded for your website, you must select a custom website package. NO PRODUCTS WILL BE ADDED.

    You will complete your design form to outline the needs of your social media highlights and flyers, as well as your business and thank you cards.

    Read Before Purchase:

    All Bossy Bundles start by creating your logo first. Once your logo is finalized, we can start on the rest of your design elements. Once you purchase your bundle a design form will be emailed to you to outline the design needs for each element of your bundle. If you have the option to purchase a Typography or Art Infused logo, please understand the difference by reading the following:

    Typography Logo:

    All typography logos are TEXT ONLY. No art or cartoons will be used in the making of this logo style. Once you receive your logo files, you may add what you’d like to your logo as you are now the owner of it.

    Art Infused:

    Art infused logos include png clipart, cartoons, or other vector images. Bossy Marketing DOES NOT create cartoon drawings of any kind. If you need a cartoon image of yourself created for your logo, please seek out an artist of your own choosing. Once they create your drawing please provide it to Bossy Marketing so we may incorporate it into your logo design.

    After the completion of your logo design, you will receive your logo files in both PNG and JPG format. You will also receive a social media profile picture sized file with your logo. PSD and AI files are not included in this purchase and are not available for add-on purchases.

    Turn Around Times:

    Please allow up to 15-25 business days for your graphic bundles to be completed and 4-7 weeks for bundles including websites and printed materials. Bossy Marketing’s business hours are Monday-Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm eastern. During high volume times, turnaround days can be extended, you will be contacted if you order during a high-volume time.


    You are issued 3 FREE edits during each portion of your bundle. Once you receive your first logo preview (after a font is selected) every logo email edit list is considered 1 (one) edit and so on for each element of your bundle. Make sure to specify each and every edit needed in those first 3 edit emails. If you still need revisions after the first 3, you can contact us, and we will create an invoice for $15 (fifteen). If we notice that you are over your 3 (three) edit limit, we will alert you and ask if you’d like to purchase a new set of edits. Please be aware that any edits over the initial 3 will push out the turnaround time. Turnaround time depends on the number of edits needed and communication between us.

    Refund Policy:

    Bossy Marketing DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS once work has started on a project or after you have received your project files. If you feel as though you need to file a dispute with Shopify, QuadPay, PayPal, or your bank, we will stop all work on your project, and you will not receive any work completed by Bossy Marketing. If there is a clerical or design error (spelling, wrong file, etc.) on our behalf, please allow us to fix it before disputing charges or attempting to receive a refund.


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