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    Bossy Bundles are the best way to create a full brand in one purchase, and now you can create your own! In order to create a Bossy Bundle, you must select a logo design, website package, and social media branding. Any add-ons that you may want are totally up to you! Want to know more about the branding options? No problem, just scroll down!

    Branding Options:

    Logo Styles

    • Typography- A text-based logo style that has no art piece incorporated. The logo is brought to life by the color scheme, font style, and finishings.
    • Art-infused- A logo style that incorporates typography with cartoon or clipart pieces specific to your brand. 
    • Typography & Stamp- You still get the same typography style logo, but in this package, you get a stamp or initials version of your logo too. The stamp usually consists of the first letter of your logo name, such a "Pretty Polish" would have a stamp logo of 2 P's.  

    Website Packages

    • Small Boss Online- This is a 2-page website package. This package is perfect for the boss who has a small product line or only needs a custom homepage. 
    • Starter Boss Online- This is a 3-page website package with 5 products added. This is a great website for a boss that has a bigger product line or is looking to grow into their website over time. 
    • E-commerce Boss Online- This is a 5-page website package with 10 products added. This is the perfect website package for a boss with a full online store worth of inventory that is looking to grow fast. Your pages will be consistent with e-commerce needs such as home, shop, track order, contact, and policies.
    •  Social Selling Boss Online- This is a 7-page website package with 15 products added and Facebook Pixels connected to begin selling on social media. This package is for the boss who is planning to come out the gate swinging in the online shopping world! You'll be able to sell via your Shopify store, Facebook, and Instagram all in one place.

    Social Branding Packages

    • Instagram Highlight Covers- Ever wonder what those round things under people's Instagram profiles are? Well, it's these highlight covers! Select between text-based highlights or icon-based highlights.
    • Social Media Templates- Brand your social media posts with custom social media templates. Add text, pictures, or videos to these blank branded templates that fit your brand image. 
    • Instaflyers- Instaflyers are used to promote your business or products/services while obeying the 80/20 rule of Instagram ads! Choose between a still flyer or a motion flyer based on your branding vision.
    •  Social Cards- These cards allow you to post on social media without having to create the posts yourself. Receive already custom-made social media posts with your brand look and your own sayings. 30 come in one order.


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