$60 Logo Design
$60 Logo Design
$60 Logo Design
$60 Logo Design
$60 Logo Design
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$60 Logo Design


    The Process:

    • After your purchase, you will receive a design form to fill out and email back. Once we have your design form fully filled out, your project will be scheduled to start the following week.
    • To start off, you will receive 3 to 4 logo font concepts. The concepts will be used to establish your logo’s font style and word placement. Once a font concept is selected, we can begin to add other design elements in the next steps.
    • The design elements added in this step consist of your color scheme, glitter and/or metallics, shadowing, and any art pieces. Once these elements have been added you will receive another design preview.
    • After your second design preview, we will begin to make edits and finalize your logo’s official design.
    • Once your logo been completed, you will receive your logo files in png, jpg, and pdf format. If you need other file formats, please do not hesitate to ask us to provide them.


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