$250 Three Page Website
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$250 Three Page Website


    Please note that you can purchase a website package with a different number of pages. Each website package comes with an additional number of pages and an additional number of custom banners. 

    The Process:

    • After your purchase, you will receive a design form to fill out and email back. This design form will outline what you want your website color scheme to be, page names, collection boxes, and more.
    • To begin your website, we start with coding. Coding takes around 3-4 days, and from there we can begin to create your website’s layout. Once coding is tested and a layout is created, you will receive a layout preview. This layout preview is to establish that we have used the correct color scheme and created a functioning website layout for you and your future shoppers. Once the layout is confirmed, we can move onto the next steps.
    • After confirmation, we move onto create your banners and other graphics. When filling out your design form please be specific on the wording or phrases to use for your banners. You will also be responsible for providing your own images to be used for banners and or collection boxes. Please do not send in low-quality pictures or mirror selfies. Images of this quality will result in us having to use stock photos or waiting for you to set up a photo session to acquire higher quality images.
    • Once your graphics are created and installed, you will receive another preview to view the website with graphics. At this point, we will begin to edit anything that needs to be edited. Once those changes are complete, you will receive a final preview.
    • After your final preview, we will begin to set up transfer or installation steps. If you do not have a current and active Shopify account, we will transfer the website so you can set up an account. If you do have a current and active Shopify account, you may provide us with your login information, and we can install and set up your website.
    • If you are not familiar with Shopify or think that you’ll need further help with getting started, I encourage you to look into our website add-on services.


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