Bossy Marketing DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS once work has started on a project or after you have received your project files. If you feel as though you need to file a dispute with Shopify, QuadPay, PayPal, or your bank, we will stop all work on your project, and you will not receive any work completed by Bossy Marketing. If there is a clerical or design error (spelling, wrong file, etc.) on our behalf, please allow us to fix it before disputing charges or attempting to receive a refund.

If you do not like a design presented to you the first time it is shown, you WILL NOT be eligible for a refund. We offer 3-4 FREE edits to get your design correct and to your liking. You must detail to us what it is about the design you do not like and allow us to edit it.

If you purchase a service or Bossy Coaching course and do not respond to start your project or course within two weeks, you will not be eligible for a refund. We will contact you two (2) times if we do not initially hear from you to begin your project. If you contact us after the two week time period we will send you another confirmation email on when your project or course will resume.

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