Project Payments

  • All services will be paid for directly on the Bossy Marketing’s website or through invoicing using PayPal. You will have the choice of paying your service outright or using Sezzle at checkout. If you are denied Sezzle use, then we can arrange a payment plan through PayPal.
  • If a PayPal payment plan is used in place of Sezzle, that payment plan will have to be paid off completely to receive any design files. Payments are split into four (4) equal payments and are due every other Friday. If a payment is missed, then 2 full payments will be due the following payment period.
  • You can pay off your PayPal balance ahead of schedule. Please notify us if you do pay the entire balance off before it’s due so we can make a note in your file.
  • If Shopify or Sezzle is your used payment method then we can proceed with your project as normal.
  • If you purchase a service before a sale begins, your price will NOT be changed to match the sale price. 


  • You are issued 3 FREE edits during your project. Once you receive your first preview every email edit list is considered 1 (one) edit. Make sure to specify each and every edit needed in those first 3 edit emails.
  • If you still need revisions after the first 3, you can contact us, and we will create and invoice for $15 (fifteen). If we notice that you are over your 3 (three) edit limit, we will alert you and ask if you’d like to purchase a new set of edits.
  • Please be aware that any edits over the initial 3 will push out the turnaround time. Turnaround time depend on the number of edits needed and communication between us.


  • Customer service is my top priority as well as respect. My office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm eastern time. Once I have left my design office for the day or weekend, I will not be answer emails, phone calls, or DMs until the next business day.
  • I try to get back to everyone accordingly, but please allow for 24 hours to be replied to at times. Outside of these hours I will no longer be communicating as these are my off days and hours. I just ask that my current and potential clients respect my time as I do theirs.
  • All communications outside of our initial phone consult will be directly through email. When sending an email or emailing edits to me, please be as detailed as possible so there will be no miscommunication between us.


  • Bossy Marketing DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS once work has started on a project or after you have received your project files. If you feel as though you need to file a dispute with Shopify, QuadPay, PayPal, or your bank, we will stop all work on your project, and you will not receive any work completed by Bossy Marketing. If there is a clerical or design error (spelling, wrong file, etc.) on our behalf, please allow us to fix it before disputing charges or attempting to receive a refund.
  • If you do not like a design presented to you the first time it is shown, you WILL NOT be eligible for a refund. We offer 3 FREE edits to get your design correct and to your liking. You must detail to us what it is about the design you do not like and allow us to edit it.
  • If you purchase a service or Bossy Coaching course and do not respond to start your project or course within two weeks, you will not be eligible for a refund. We will contact you two (2) times if we do not initially hear from you to begin your project. If you contact us after the two week time period we will send you another confirmation email on when your project or course will resume
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