No selfie photos or cell phone pictures will be accepted. Clients must submit PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS only! If no professional photos or photo shoots are scheduled, a $40 stock photo fee will be invoiced before your project begins. There is absolutely no exception to this policy.


All communication will take place Monday-Thursday 9:00 am until 4:00 pm unless otherwise stated. Phone calls and consultations must be scheduled ahead of time. The phone number provided will be open to receiving text messages if you need a quicker response. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response outside of business hours (weekends, holidays, and vacations).


All design information MUST be submitted via your design form. No outside emails containing information, text, or images will be accepted. If there is an issue with uploading your information, please contact me and DO NOT press submit if all of your information is not included.

All text for websites, Acuity designs, and flyers MUST be submitted via PDF. If you have a URL link to your Acuity information or website text, you may submit that. If you are using all new information for this design then you must submit a PDF file with all of the text you want me to use.

DO NOT split up submission information. For example, if you are awaiting the files from your photographer, please wait to submit your design form until you have everything on hand to submit. DO NOT just submit your design form and attempt to email the rest at a later time. A new design form link will be provided to you so that you may submit everything in one place.


If you stop communicating with me about your project for longer than 3 weeks, a $20 desertion fee will be assessed to restart your project. Once the desertion fee is paid your project will be scheduled to restart the following week.

If your project is deserted for over 3 months, a fee of $90 will be assessed. Projects deserted for over 6 months will assessed a fee for half of the value of the original project price.

Halting communication means that I do not get a reply from you about an emailed preview or you have not communicated a vacation, break, or halting of your project for outside reasons. If these reasons are communicated, the above fees will not have to be assessed.


No refunds are given once the first preview(s) are emailed. Due to the nature of the industry, no refunds will be given for the Digital Lab as well.

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