Communication is key to getting your project designed to your liking and completed on time. But, also understand that I am not in my office 24/7 to readily respond to emails, DMs, and phone calls. My office hours are Monday-Thursday 9 am to 4 pm. During these hours I respond to all communications as quickly as I can, but please allow a few hours for me to respond. Although I am in the office during those times, I am actively working and designing so allow me to respond when I can.

Questions about your project?

I know, we get super excited to see projects completed in their final state but we do have to remain calm at times. Projects all have their own timeline and I have to work through them all, so please be understanding of that when you email to check on the status your project. If your start date is scheduled for the 4th please do not email me on the 5th to see how I have gotten, I can promise you it's not very far at all. You will be emailed your preview files when they are completed and ready to be shown, same with edited files. Once I complete a certain portion of your project I go a bit silent to so I can finalize everything and get them ready to be sent out. So if you don't hear from me in couple of days, just know that I'm working in silence but still very hard at work!


How to get in touch with me?

You can reach out to me via email or text. When you do contact me please let me know what your order number is so I can make notes to the correct client's file. Please send all inquiries to or text 470-977-6112. If you are texting or emailing outside of my office hours, please allow me to respond back by the next business day.


Need to send project files?

When sending requested files for your project always email then to info@bossymarketing. I will not accept files or information to be sent via text or DM. To keep everything simple and smooth I do request that you send one big email with your design form and required files attached the first time.

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