Bossy FAQ


You have questions for Bossy? We have the answers!

Thank you for your interest in Bossy Marketing. If you selected this page then you obviously have questions that need to be answered before you purchase one of our packages or request a custom package. Below are answers to some of our most asked questions, however, if you don't see an answer to your question don't hesitate to contact us!


I just ordered my Bossy Marketing package, now what?

  • First and foremost, thank you for your purchase! We have received your order and we will be contacting you soon to learn more about your vision for your brand and empire. Once we gather information from your order we will contact you to schedule a consult time and begin the fun and rigorous adventure of building your brand. If you have questions before or after our consult you are more than welcome to contact us as well! Every client, new and old, mean the world to us and we are happy and honored you have entrusted us with your vision.

I don't see a package that fits my brand, is it possible to create my own custom package?

  • Yes! We created these custom pre-made packages with what we felt is necessary for every brand and company to at least get started with. Of course not every company and brand will fit into these packages or bundles, so we give the option of contacting us to create your own bundle. Every custom bundle starts at $500 and the final price depends on what type of logo design, website design and social media marketing/management schedule is needed. 
  • If you see a pre-made package that you think fits your needs but something is missing, you may want to shop our Add-ons too and create a custom package that way!
  • Once a custom package has been worked on, no refund is offered.

How long does it take to complete the package I ordered?

  • The time frame of your package completion depends on which package was purchased and if everything was completed to your loving! Of course a smaller package will be completed faster than The Bossy Bundle because there are more elements to design. You will gain a better understanding of your time frame once we speak about your vision, and you will be updated weekly on the progress of your package being completed!