Hair Boss Bundle
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Hair Boss Bundle


    Hair branding has it's own unique branding needs. In this package you'll receive exactly what is needed to launch your new hair business!

    The Process:

    • After your purchase, you will receive a design form to fill out and email back. This design form will outline your brand design needs for every element included in your package.
    • To begin your branding package, we start with creating your logo suite first. You will first receive 3-4 logo font concepts to establish your logo’s font and placement. Once the fonts are confirmed, we then can add the color scheme and design additives. After the logo is edited, you will receive a final preview and then an email containing your official logo files.
    • After your logo suite is completed, we can then begin on your custom website. We start by coding your website back and front end which usually takes 3-4 days. Once we have tested the coding and created a layout, you will receive a website layout preview. Once you confirm the layout is what you envisioned, we can begin to create your website graphics. Once your website’s graphics are created and installed you will receive a website graphics preview. From this point, we begin to work on any requested edits. Once the edits are confirmed, we schedule a transfer or install time with you.
    • Please do not send in low-quality pictures or mirror selfies. Images of this quality will result in us having to use stock photos or waiting for you to set up a photo session to acquire higher quality images.
    • Once the website has been installed, we will begin designing the remaining elements of your package simultaneously. You will receive previews of those elements and a chance to request any edits needed. Once those edits are completed, you will receive your official design files in jpg format.
    • Once all of your package elements have been completed and transferred, you will receive an email to schedule your guided Shopify tour. You are encouraged to start using your Shopify store as soon as it is installed. This is to ensure that once we schedule your tour, you will have as many questions ready to ask and certain things you want to go over during our meeting. The Shopify tour is completed.


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