Why I'm Only Offering Pre-made Designs

As promised, some big changes were made for the Summer! I am now only offering pre-made designs and websites for this Summer season. What was the main reason behind such a huge shake up? Click here and find out, and see if custom services are coming back.

Business is business, but life comes first. I have had so many life changes in this year alone that have made me have to, and want to, change my business mindset. Rather than giving up and throwing in the towel, I just pivot and make my situations better. 

I did not anticipate Bossy Marketing growing so quickly, but I am grateful for it and for my supporters. As you guys know, I am the only one who designs here and sometimes it gets to a point where I feel like I'm not doing justice to all my clients. So I have decided to remove custom services for a while to reshape Bossy to better serve future clients! 

Another major reason pre-mades are coming to Bossy is because the BOSS is getting married this Summer! And with it being only me designing, and me not being here this Summer, the math just doesn't add up does it! So to assist people who love my designs, but can't get them custom, I will be offering pre-made logos, websites, social branding, and graphics. These graphics will be available for instant use and for you to customize and re-use whenever you need.

I will be re-visiting taking custom orders around September/October. I will be restructuring the way custom orders are taken and worked on during my Summer break as well. I hope this will better suite me and my future clients for the better!

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