Welcome to the new Bossy Marketing!


Happy new year, bosses! 2020 sucked the life out of all us, and what better time to revamp than now! Bossy Marketing has been revamped from head to toe, and I could not be happier to let you bosses in on all of the new changes.

The first biggest changes are the logo and website! Both got a much-needed facelift and this website was designed to the gawds, if I do say so myself. My 3-year-old logo needed a little sprucing up and definitely needed to reflect the Bossy image. The equally old website needed to be re-created to be more user friendly. I felt my potential and returning clients had to search too hard to find simple services. Now, you can quickly access custom services, pre-made websites and templates, and all new Bossy Bundles! You’ll also be able to shop brand new Bossy Swag. New shirts and hoodies have been added for all occasions of being a boss.


Along with new swag and an easy to navigate website, I have created new services and bundles for the new year. If you’re looking to kick off the new year with a complete re-brand or starting a new business, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new Signature Bossy Bundle. Or maybe you’re looking to revamp your own social media, take a look at the Social Boss Bundle! There should now be a bundle for every boss’s needs, but as usual if there isn’t a bundle available for your needs, simply contact me! If you need a bundle of 3 or more services, you will receive 10% off your complete order.

Now with new services, comes new turnaround times and policies. There is now a section on every product that outlines that specific products turnaround time. Turnaround times have been updated to reflect more realistic time frames for clients and myself. I have also included rush order options for some services. There is also an updated policy, FAQ, refund, and communication section. These sections let you know how I handle communication, design times, and any other policies you may be wondering about.

Of all these changes, the newest and most exciting is the fact that Bossy Marketing now offers printing services! Once you have a business card or thank you card design ready to print, we can now have them printed and shipped to you. For the time being we are only offering business card and thank you card printing. Stay tuned for updates on other printing services.

For more Bossy Marketing updates, please sign up for Bossy Mail and follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Let’s make 2021 a year of redemption, bosses!

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