New Year, New Boss... Who Dis?

January has always been seen as a new beginning. Time to start those diets, get to the gym, START THAT BUSINESS!! Here at Bossy, we're not into diets and the gym is not our thing (trust me), but we do know a thing or two about starting and branding businesses.

Sure you can start your business whenever, but what's stopping you from doing it now? Starting a business is scary and it's especially scary when you don't know where to start and have no clue about this whole marketing thing. Bossy Marketing knows all too well about those fears, and after talking with a couple of established bosses we think we have figured out a couple of ways to help you guys get your business off the ground and stay motivated to continue branding it.

Have you heard about the New Year, New Boss package! This package was designed to kick the new year off right for my fellow bosses. Whether you are branding your new business and getting ready to launch, or re-branding your existing business, this package is perfect. Complete with a custom logo, a 3-page website, social media branding, and a custom e-mail template you can't get any more ready than this!

If January is this exciting then you have to stay tuned for February's announcements. Not to brag but pre-made logos and ready to launch bundles have been getting tossed around the office! Imagine being able to literally purchase your branding package on a Monday and then go live by Tuesday ... yeah mind blown! 

Stay tuned bosses, much more to come 👑


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